Finding China factory: Traditional ways VS modern ways to find.

In tradition, we always seek for suppliers face-to-face by attending exibitions. However, today, there are many convenient ways to find factory. You can find them online or book a online face-to-face video, even visit factory online.

Many people is confused on finding a reliable China factory. Well, before finding a factory, you need to ask yourself several questions. What’s your business scale? What’s your budget? What kind of products you want to source? What’s the best shipping methords? Is there any standards for importing to your countries? What certificate should your product have? Then taking those questions and give answer to each question. As long as you know these answers, you will have a good business orientation.

Why you should list several questions? That can help you find your factory effectively. There are amounts of ways to find factory from China, but not all factory are appropriate to you. Not all of them wants to cooperate with you. As long as you choose factory scale is fit for your business, you will succeed in the first step. For big factory, they are busy and always accept big brand company.

After you finding the right scale of factory, make investigation and check out their past cooperaters. You will learn the quality of this factory from your peers.

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